APN Property Group announces HY2018 results

APN Property Group Limited (‘APD’) is pleased to announce its HY2018 results. Key highlights included:

  • Operating Earnings1 Operating $5.1 million up 37% from $3.7 million in the prior corresponding period (pcp)
  • Operating Earnings1 1.67 cents per share (cps) up 37% from 1.22 cps2 in pcp
  • Statutory net profit after tax of $9.6 million up 216% from $3.0 million in pcp
  • Funds under Management (FuM) up $264 million or 11% to $2.8 billionfrom June 2017
  • Successful IPO of Convenience Retail REIT and settlement of its IPO property acquisitions (now $327 million in total funds under management)
  • Strong and flexible balance sheet with net assets of $119.4 million, including cash of $14.8 million
  • Dividend guidance increased to 2.25 cps (from 2.00 cps), interim dividend 1.25 cps (all fully franked)
  • Total shareholder return of 31.1%pa4 (last three years)
  • Capital structure including stapling being reviewed


For full details of the results, please click on the following:

HY2018 Results Announcement

HY2018 Results Presentation

Appendix 4D and HY2018 Financial Report


Our team has delivered an excellent result for the first six months of 2018. We have delivered a 37% increase in APN’s operating earnings and an 11%3 increase on our assets under management since June. We have done this without significantly increasing fund gearing levels or altering our defensive approach to acquisition opportunities in what has been a particularly strong market.

APN now has four individual income streams Securities, Direct, Industria and Convenience Retail, each of which have attractive growth prospects either through additional acquisition opportunities or the establishment of new funds.

While we are wary of the risk of a correction in some parts of the commercial property markets APN is in a strong balance sheet position with nearly $15 million in cash, 37.5 cents of net tangible assets backing per share and little reliance on more volatile transaction and performance fees. We are delighted to be able to again increase our dividend guidance which is now up 80% over five years which illustrates the effective development and execution of our strategy to build the scale of the business.

Despite some market volatility, our income-oriented commercial property investments remain well supported and continue to be relevant to a very large group of current and potential investors.

We’re in a strong position to capitalise on opportunities which may emerge across the group. While we are actively looking for opportunities, our team is prepared to be patient and take a longer term view on creating value for clients and our shareholders – we remain buyers of value.

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1. Operating Earnings is an unaudited after tax metric used by management as the key performance measurement of underlying performance of the Group. It adjusts statutory profit for certain non-operating items recorded in the income statement including minority interests, discontinued operations (Europe and Healthcare), business development expenses and realised / unrealised fair value movements on the Group’s co-investments and investment properties.
2. Represents Operating Earnings per Share (EPS) adjusted to exclude the accounting impact of the 10 cents per share special dividend paid in October 2016. On a statutory basis, Operating EPS for the six months to 31 December 2016 was 0.55 cps.
3. Increase of 6% on 30 June 2017 Pro-Forma FUM of $2.6 billion, refer to FY2017 result announcement for further information.
4. Per annum as at 31 December 2017. Includes reinvestment of dividends at market price on dividend payment date and divisor adjustment for standardised calculation where required.